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4 Advantages Of Vinyl Siding For Your Home

Vinyl siding advantages

Vinyl siding is a low maintenance alternative to painted wood and other siding types, and it also happens to be the most popular siding material in use today. Over 33% of all new homes built today use vinyl siding, and if current trends are anything to go by, that number is only expected to increase in the coming years.

Vinyl siding leads the way today in exterior home design, but it wasn't always that way. The vinyl siding of today is far different from that when it was first coming into use back in the 1950s. However, advances made in manufacturing technology over the last couple of decades have made some amazing strides in vinyl siding production. The surge in quality products has led to a dramatic increase in interest of vinyl siding all across the county, and for good reason. So what are the advantages of vinyl siding as opposed to all of the other siding material choices on the market today? To answer that question, our team of Panama City remodeling pros has taken the time to put together a short list highlighting some of the advantages of installing new vinyl siding on your home.

Overall Costs Are Lower

In general, vinyl siding is an extremely popular siding choice among homeowners because of its cost-effectiveness. For instance, professionally installed vinyl siding can cost you an estimated $2,500-$8750 for 1,250 square feet, while professionally installed wood siding for the same home could cost you anywhere from $6,500 all the way up to $10,000 or more. So, if the old siding on your home has seen better days, and it comes time to replace it, new vinyl siding could offer you a much more affordable alternative.

It Has Unmatched Versatility

The vinyl siding of today comes in a multitude of different colors, textures, and profiles to give you unmatched versatility when it comes to finding the perfect exterior design for your home. If you like the look of cedar shakes but aren't ready to put down the money it would take to get them installed, vinyl can help you achieve that same look at a fraction of the cost. You can find vinyl siding styles that work with both horizontal and vertical applications for any home profile.

More Durable Than Other Sidings

Vinyl siding is made to withstand the elements, including heavy winds and even hail. Vinyl siding comes with foam backing that makes it more rigid and impact-resistant, while also helping it to provide better insulation, and it even resists excessive moisture, meaning you won't have to worry about it rotting or corroding over time.

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